WOMEN’S THERAPY PROCESS GROUP: For women in their twenties.

How are your twenties treating you? Feeling overwhelmed by outside pressures (family, society, etc.) and inside feelings?

So many choices and so much change, right? Needing support sorting through how you feel and what decisions to make that are best for you?

You are a good fit for this therapy group if you: Are between the ages of 20-29 ● Identify as a woman ● Like talking about your feelings authentically ● Open to giving and receiving compassionate feedback ● Have some experience in individual therapy or are currently in individual therapy (but not required)

In group ALL topics are on the table. This may include: Relationships & identity ● Social media & body image ● Sex, substances & money ● Education & career ● Socio-cultural-political issues

This therapy group can support you in: Identifying what your needs and emotions are ● Asserting your needs in relationships and in school &/or work environments ● Learning how to set boundaries in relationships including, your relationship to money, food, sex,work, phone, substances, etc. ● Feeling empowered in your choices around your body ● Developing radical compassion for yourself

Group will meet weekly in the East Bay. Fee for group is $75 per session.

Group therapy is excellent for helping people learn how to connect with their feelings, talk about them in a relational way and get compassionate input from other group members (who can relate to your experience). People in therapy groups often report feeling accepted, less alone, confident in their communication skills and a deeper sense of trust in themselves overall.

If you are interested and would like more information about this process group please contact me!