Online Therapy Group for Young Professionals

Does this sound familiar?

-You believed your career was going to be the thing that made you happy and it hasn’t.
-You feel more competent at work than you do navigating intimate relationships.
-You notice comparing yourself to others and believing you are not where you ‘should be’. -You feel lonely, anxious and/or not sure what to do with yourself when you are not working. -You want more fulfilling connections with other people where you don’t have to be “on”.

If you are relating to any of this, my online process group might be right for you! My online process group is a weekly confidential therapy group for young professionals (ages 25-40 years) looking to talk about the things that are typically hard to talk about in daily life. For example: hurt feelings, competition, relationships that don’t meet your needs or loneliness after work.

My process groups are a space to slow down, be authentic, feel a sense of belonging, learn from others, track your progress and get relational feedback that supports your growth. Once people get more comfortable sharing their own experiences, hearing from others with similar issues and giving and receiving feedback, they often take this new confidence and relational skill set out in to their life.

Groups members are being selected now and space is limited. For more information please contact me.